The webmaster was requested to find a new, less expensive
web host for the Texas web sites.  So, this summer, she
found a replacement web host and started the process of
transferring data from the old web host to the new one.

While the transfer is not complete and some parts of the
web sites are still under construction, the webmaster
decided to go live with the portions that are current.

When you click on the Member Login button above, the next
screen you see will be a screen containing all of the current
Texas web sites.  You may access any of the three web
sites by clicking on their respective logos.

If you select the RGVSA web site, the next web page will
have a menu bar (three turquoise lines) in the upper left-hand corner
of the web page.  Clicking this menu bar will take you to
a complete menu of selections, along with sub-pages.

Since, unlike the old web site,
this new web site is fully compatible with the newer devices,
such as tablets, phones, etc., updates to the RGV Shuffleboard
Facebook page will be now be discontinued.

If you have any problems with the new format, please
contact the webmaster by clicking below.

email me
See back of RGVSA pocket schedule
for password